Why You Should Go Vegan For January

As we come out of 2022 and welcome in the new year many people will be looking to get off to a healthier and more conscious start. In recent years, the rise in popularity of incorporating plant-based options into your diet has seen a rise in vegetarian and vegan diets even for only a few days a week.

Veganuary is a movement, launched in 2014, that urges people to try a vegan lifestyle for just the month of January in hope that it’ll will encourage lifestyle changes for the rest of the year but why should you take part? See why below.

Animal Welfare

One of the primary concerns that encourages many to go vegan is the welfare of livestock. With documentary releases such as ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and more, the public is more conscious of the conditions animals are kept in with many being put of animal produce entirely. It can be significantly harder to enjoy a bacon butty after seeing for yourself the reality of the livestock it comes from. Like humans, animals form emotional bonds and it’s increasingly common that livestock such as cows and lambs display signs of severe distress when they are separated from their mothers or young. PETA estimates that 200 animals are saved per year by someone who choses to live under a plant-based diet proving there’s no better way to prevent animal cruelty than veganism.


In 2015, the World Health Organisation said processed meats rank as a cause of cancer alongside smoking. From blood pressure complications to poor cholesterol and even diabetes, eating a meat heavy diet is not good for our bodies.

Taking on a vegan diet can help you to live a healthier and therefore a happier life. It can assist in losing weight or simply boosting your day-to-day energy. With a carefully planned vegan diet you can get all the necessary nutrients through plant protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals to be healthier.

Even if you’re not ready to give up meat entirely, it can make a significant difference to eat a hybrid diet and incorporate some plant-based meals into your weekly routine.

The Planet

The sole greatest man-made source of global greenhouse gases is animal agriculture habits. The united Nations has recently called for a worldwide shift to reduce world hunger, fuel poverty and climate change through pushing plant-based diets proving just how massive the effect of our meat eating habits has on the environment.

Improving Skills

When going vegan you will have to pay more attention to the nutritional value of foods to make sure you are getting the essential nutrients you need in your diet. Special considerations should be put to protein and iron intake. There are lots of support networks at your fingertips through social media influencers and online bloggers so it’s not all hard work but it will force you to educate yourself on what you’re putting into your body. This will in turn improve your knowledge of how to put together a balanced meal making you a better and more informed cook.


Once upon a time vegan foods were said to be bland, rare and lacking taste but after a surge in popularity for vegan products in recent years the plant-based section of the supermarkets have grown exponentially in size and in quality. You can now get vegan roasts, desserts and even meat-free junk food alternatives to trick most carnivores. Many high street restaurant brands have expanded their menus to include vegan-friendly adaptations and options so you can enjoy a stress-free meal with non-vegan friends.

Whether it’s your New Year’s resolution, a year-round lifestyle change or just to try, we can help support you through Veganuary. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials and news page here for vegan suggestions throughout the month.

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