inspire story

Inspire Catering is a Scottish caterer wholly independently owned by David Pease and Lorna McFarlane and has been trading since 2008. It started following a desire to offer something different.

David and Lorna initially met whilst working together in the late 90’s for a large contract caterer. They met again in 2007 and felt their combined expertise and blend of skills complemented each other well at a time when the market was ready for a refreshing change in what caterers had to offer.

early foundations

We knew there were clients out there who were a bit more discerning and wanted to work with people that they could build an honest and trusting partnership with and who would do what they said they would.

Keeping it simple, we believed that we could take catering back to basics – offering an excellent food service focusing on what was on the plate, where it came from and serving it in as wonderful a way as possible. At the same time as earning a true and fair price for our efforts, we have consistently given clients value for their money.


getting it right

We focused on building a business based on integrity, transparency and a reputation for always delivering. We felt then, and still do today, that clients value dealing with the person that the buck stops with and not just someone who although senior by title, is just a number in a large organisation.

best quality produce

We set about finding some key Scottish suppliers to work with who offered the best quality products for meat, fish, dairy, bakery and fruit & veg, most of which have been with us since the start. After that we recruited some amazingly talented chefs and let them work their magic!

over 14,000 customers…


We work with a number of clients that vary in sector and industry. On a normal day, we serve fresh, seasonal and wonderfully tasty menu choices to over 14,000 people who are eating at work or whilst at school or college.


we love what we do

Food and people are what make our business. They are also the cement that forms the foundation of Inspire.

As a team – we are all foodies, we care about doing things properly and last but not least, we enjoy what we do and have fun!