We’re back and ready to serve again safely

Back to school season is looking a little different this year due to COVID-19, and parents, teachers and pupils around Scotland are now adjusting to a new daily routine.  

Schools have worked hard to support pupils and staff through lockdown and we are delighted to be back providing school lunches again, after nearly 5 months!   

We have implemented new procedures following strict hygiene standards to ensure a safe service provision to keep pupils and staff safe. We are extremely grateful for the schools re-opening and take immense pleasure in serving children their favourite meals of the best quality.  

At Inspire, we serve more independent school pupils each school day than any other caterer in Scotland! We have always taken pride and care in how our food is prepared, from the fresh ingredient selection through to the cooking process. Providing quality and nutritious meals to children has and will always be one of our biggest priorities, but particularly using the finest ingredients to help boost immune systems at a time of upmost importance for pupils and staff. 

It’s a pleasure to welcome you all back again! 

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