Inspire Catering Supports Trees for Life

One of our core values at Inspire Catering is our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. As part of this, we continually strive to support initiatives and organisations that we can work with, where the products and services sourced are as environmentally friendly as possible, whilst also giving something back.

Trees for Life is just one of these organisations, and one which Inspire Catering is proud to have supported over the last few years through a donation rather than sending Christmas Cards.

Trees for Life is Scotland’s leading conservation volunteering charity, and their vision is to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest to the Scottish Highlands. At a time where everyone is chopping down trees to put up for Christmas, Inspire Catering continues to support the work of this charity in lieu of buying a festive fir or Christmas cards.

In previous years, this involved a donation directly to the charity, who would then organise the necessary planting and maintenance of trees in the forest. This year however, our support has extended to setting up our very own Inspire Catering Grove.  This is not only a great opportunity to help restore the forest, it allows us to see exactly the contribution and difference we are making within this restoration project as we plant more trees in our Grove.  We hope we can encourage our clients to help us too!

The Caledonian Forest once covered a vast area of the Highlands, filled with Scots pine, birch, rowan, juniper and aspen trees. Nowadays it has been reduced to a fraction of its former size. This is why urgent action is required to conserve and extend the forest before it is too late.


Lorna McFarlane, Owner of Inspire:

“We are delighted that Inspire Catering continues to support Trees for Life. This is a very worthwhile charity initiative here in Scotland and we are really proud to now have our very own Grove within the Caledonian Forest!”

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