Our Top 3 Soup Recipes

There is nothing like a homemade soup to bring warmth to our hearts and our homes. A big bowl of soup has been considered the ultimate comfort food for decades, and its (non-scientific) effectiveness has been proven over and over.

To warm you through the cold and grey days of February, here are our top 3 comforting and grounding soup recipes packed with nutrients and taste

(Bonus: these are as tasty as they are easy!

Lentil Soup  


-Uncooked brown lentils  

-Vegetable stock (5-6cups) 

-1 onion 

-4 carrots 

-4 celery stalks 

-300g baby potatoes 


-Olive oil 

-Chopped garlic 

-Salt & pepper 


-Coriander (optional) 


-Chop/slice onion, carrots and celery and baby potatoes. 

-On medium heat, cook onion, garlic, carrots and celery together in a large pot for approx. 5min.  

-Add the potato chunks, salt and pepper to taste and cook for 3min. 

-Turn to high heat and add in the vegetable broth and bring to a simmer. 

-Reduce to low heat and add the lentils. Stir well and bring back to a simmer for approx. 15min. 

-In the last 5min, add thyme, add more salt and pepper to taste and cover. 

-(Optional) Sprinkle with coriander before serving 

This lentil soup is rich and thick, with the chunky vegetables adding texture and flavour!  

Potato and Leek Soup 


-1 onion 

-3 large leeks 

-300g potatoes 

-Chopped garlic 

-Chicken stock (5 cups) 

– Unsalted butter (50g) 

-Double cream (50ml) 

-Salt & pepper 

-Hand blender 


-Chop/slice onion, leeks, and potatoes.  

-In a hot large pot, cook diced onion and leeks in butter on medium heat. Stir often to stop the butter from burning and spread it evenly on the leaks.  

-Cook for 5min, adding garlic halfway through. Salt and pepper to taste. 

-Add in the potatoes and chicken stock. Simmer for approx. 15min, or leave on longer until the potatoes are well softened.  

-Use a hand blender to blend into a thick soup then add cream. Bring to a simmer for another minute.  

A classic creamy, flavourful potato and leek soup that all the family can enjoy! 

Spicy Tomato Soup 


-Canned chopped tomatoes (2 cans) 

-1 onion 

-2 red chillies 

-Vegetable or chicken stock (5 cups) 

-Chopped garlic 

-Chopped coriander (optional) 


-Olive oil 

-Salt & pepper 

-Hand blender 


-In a hot large pot, cook chopped onion in olive oil until softened 

-Add garlic and red chillies and cook for 2min. 

-Add in the chopped tomatoes and stir well. 

-Add stock, paprika, and coriander (optional). Salt and pepper to taste.  

-Use a hand blender to blend the tomato chunks for a smooth soup.  

-Bring to a boil then reduce to low heat, cover and simmer for 15min. 

If you don’t have a palate for spicy dishes, this soup is just as delicious without the chillies! Serving suggestion: it pairs perfectly with sourdough bread!  

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