Keep Calm & Cook : Strawberry Mousse

With Summer finally here, fresh and fruity flavours are in season. For this Keep Calm & Cook, we have picked what might be our easiest recipe yet: a 3-ingredient Strawberry Mousse. Don’t let this fool you, this recipe may be simple, but it is a perfect blend of texture and freshness. Let’s get whisking! 

Ingredients: (For 4 servings)  

-500g fresh strawberries  

-85g granulated sugar 

-300mL double cream 

(-Optional garnish: 2 strawberries cut in halves and 4 mint leaves) 


-Remove the stems and chop the strawberries 

-In a blender, blend together the strawberries and sugar into a smooth purée, then set aside. 

-In a large bowl, whisk double cream using your preferred method (by hand, electric whisk, stand mixer) until you obtain an airy whipped mousse.  

-Fold in 1 ½ tablespoon of the strawberry purée delicately 

-To serve, add the strawberry purée to 4 small glasses, then layer on the strawberry whipped cream. As an optional step, garnish each mousse with a strawberry half and a mint leaf.  

This mousse is ideally versatile and can be made with any of your favourite berries! In the summer, you can also try it with fresh and ripe peaches. This dessert is sure to be loved by all the family and your wee ones can even help with the serving step!  

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