Jury’s Out: here’s our self-isolation creations!

In these circumstances, we may be working from home, but that doesn’t mean our culinary skills are going to waste! Drawing on our cooking expertise, we’ve been spending our time experimenting and cooking up some great and innovative food creations from the comfort of our own kitchens! Hopefully we can Inspire you to rustle up something tasty of your own too.

Forget the Dominos order, not only is making your own pizza a great activity to do with your friends or loved ones, it’s also a great way to use up those vegetables sitting in your fridge. Not to mention a much healthier option!

Banana bread and muffins seem to be all the rage at the moment and we’re loving the look of these! It just goes to show that sweet treats don’t necessarily need to be unhealthy, especially when drizzled with honey and topped with pumpkin and sunflower seeds for those extra nutrients!

What else do you do when you’re craving a Chinese and all the takeaways are closed? Make your own fakeaway of course!

If you feel like being creative in the kitchen but hate the idea of having to clean multiple dishes, you can’t go wrong with a chicken satay! Only one pan, but plenty of colour, flavours and nutrients.

Another one for all of you with a sweet tooth out there! Can you believe these were made with beetroot?

Is there anything as comforting as a Toad in the Hole? Especially one as giant as this! Just cover your sausages with a batter made from flour, eggs and milk and cook in the oven for 30 mins – 1 hour. Remove once the top is golden brown and crispy and enjoy a dish that is sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied!

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