Waste not, want not – Inspire Catering are signatories to Zero Waste Scotland

The Scottish Government introduced waste reduction regulations in 2012 to move towards a zero waste policy. As part of this, Inspire Catering is committed to helping achieve the 70% recyclable waste target, which the Government wants to meet by 2025.

love food hate wasteAs of 1st January 2016 all businesses producing over 5kg of food waste each week were required to segregate waste and have separate collection arrangements in place. The aim being that food waste can be easily separated and then decomposed for compost use, whilst making it easier to recycle other items such as food packaging and plastic.

As signatories to Zero Waste Scotland, we believe that waste awareness is the key to achieving these objectives. Waste that is not created in the first place doesn’t need disposed of! We are actively working with all of our clients and customers on reducing individual unit catering waste, which also helps our carbon footprint.  We have undertaken a number of initiatives to achieve this just some of which are detailed below:-

Site specific plans

Each of our sites has a Green Champion who works with the Inspire and Client teams on site to minimise usage of utilities such as electricity and water.

Each individual Inspire Catering site has its own requirements, provisions and in turn waste produce. Through monitoring and, and using our Environmental Checklist we have specific waste reduction plans for each location.

zero waste scotlandFood Waste Monitoring

At all of Inspire’s sites we measure our food waste and produce an overall monthly company and site by site report which tells us the weight of our food waste, the cost of our food waste based on industry figures and the carbon equivalent value of our food waste.  Our managers and chef share best practice in managing this through our Green Champions.

Selecting local produce

We are proud to use seasonal Scottish and UK produce as much as possible which supports local suppliers. The more local we buy, the fewer food miles our goods travel. This not only helps reduce the impact our provision of services has on the environment but it means that our customers also enjoy great tasting, fresh and seasonal menu selections.

Revamped packaging

Packaging plays a big part in reducing waste. We have a number of working parties with suppliers where we proactively find ways to receive goods by minimising packaging. We will always support packaging which is recyclable, reusable or biodegradable as standard.

Food Waste in our Schools

In our Independent Schools contracts, we work with pupils and staff to keep waste to a minimum and have recently ran several Food Waste Mascot competitions where the pupils have created mascots that “work for us” in conveying key messages, all of which contribute to raising awareness of waste. hands around the world

These are just some of the initiatives we employ to ensure we waste as little as possible throughout Inspire Catering sites. For more information on our waste or environmental policies, please get in touch.

 “Inspire Catering was an early signatory to WRAP’s Hospitality and Food Service Agreement (2012-2015).  WRAP is delighted that Inspire has taken on food waste reduction across its business, and demonstrated its commitment to this issue through innovative working partnerships to drive environmental activities at its sites.”

Eleanor Morris | Programme Area Manager, Hospitality and Food Service- WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme – Zero Waste Scotland)

“Inspire Catering has shown real and consistent commitment to tackling food waste, working with staff and customers to reduce waste and eliminate food to landfill.  It’s been particularly encouraging to see the creative ways in which Inspire continue to take the lead in this area, from training staff to be Love Food Hate Waste ambassadors to initiating a plate waste reduction project at Kilgraston School.”

Ylva Haglund | Consumer Campaigns Manager – Food waste | Zero Waste Scotland

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