How to Stay Healthy Back in the Office

The COVID-19 global pandemic forced many of us to work from home. There is no denying that some of us grazed our way through lockdown, however others used it as an opportunity to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.  

With many returning to the office, let us help provide you with some top tips on how to maintain healthy eating habits when you return. Adequate nutrition in the workplace can help not only feel and look better but also cope with work tasks more efficiently.  


It is essential that you kick-start a busy day with a satisfying breakfast that will fuel your body throughout the day. It will not only maintain your energy levels, but it will help resist a sugar craving or a caffeine fix. Set some time aside before you leave and make a delicious breakfast. Why not try a protein-rich omelette or some granola with Greek yoghurt? You could also try having some avocado or banana with honey on Whole Meal toast, slow-release carbs! However, if you would prefer a grab-and-go breakfast, make a jar of overnight oats or try a smoothie.   

Snack Smarter:   

Treat your body like an engine; consistently fuel it up with nutrients and it will operate efficiently as the correct fuel would for a car. It may be tempting to grab a biscuit with your coffee. This gives you an instant ‘energy rush’ however can often be followed by a slump and craving more food – a vicious cycle. You can easily avoid this by snacking smarter. Try eating hummus with a vegetable or fruit or bring in pre-prepared fruit to snack on throughout the day. This can provide valuable vitamins, fiber and minerals.  

Meal Prep:  

It’s all about preparation. Start making the most of a Sunday afternoon. Use left-over items in the fridge to avoid waste. There are various meal prep dishes which will last you a few days. You could make soups or curries during cold winter months and in summer have whole meal pasta salads with plenty of veggies added. Another bonus: this will help you spend less money!  

Vitamin D 

Our exposure to vitamin D will be limited from being indoors too long. This can have a damaging effect on our health however, Vitamin D is also present in food. Incorporate salmon, tuna, chicken breast or even eggs into your diet to help maintain adequate Vitamin D levels in your body post-pandemic. 

Staying healthy when back in the office is all about preparation. These few tips will ensure you can eat a tasty meal even if you are back in the office! 

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