Healthy Diet = Healthy Mind: Nutrition & Hydration Tips

This week is Nutrition and Hydration week, an event we have been looking forward to taking part in. As health-conscious caterers, we want to offer our expertise and knowledge by contributing some nutrition and hydration tips, to help you build a healthy diet and the foundations to a healthy mind.

Here are our tips to take on day to day:

Keep track of your water intake

Staying hydrated is at the core of health. As much as drinking lots of water is widely encouraged, there is such a thing as drinking too much water. The right amount of water will keep the body hydrated and functioning throughout the day, but too much water can be detrimental, as it may dilute the sodium levels in the blood and be harmful to kidneys.

It’s okay to snack

Eating in-between meals is frowned upon, but there is no need to make yourself feel guilty if you happen to have a small craving during the day. However, it is always best to choose a healthy snack option or find an alternative to a snack you are craving that may not be the healthiest. We would recommend some fruit, as it satisfies a sugar craving and adds an extra portion to the daily fruit and veg intake.

Balance your meats and fishes

Meat and fish are great sources of protein, iron, and various vitamins that the body needs to power you through the day. However, eating beef or chicken or fish every day is not a healthy diet and could potentially be harmful to the digestive system and arteries. Alternating between meats and fishes allows the body to receive all the nutrients it needs and avoid any overload.

Consider alternative protein sources

As caterers, it is important to us to cater to various diets and offer vegan and vegetarian options. We have carefully selected our meat-free alternatives to offer options that are nutritious and provide the nutrients required for a filling meal. We would encourage anyone whose diet preferences are not vegan/vegetarian, to consider alternative protein sources to meats occasionally. They are rich in not only protein, but also vitamins, minerals, calcium and antioxidants.

Treat yourself!

To ensure that your healthy diet leads to a healthy mind, it is important to remember not to be too restrictive. Treat yourself to your favourite foods, even though they may not be the healthiest, it is absolutely okay to eat something for the simple pleasure of it rather than for its health benefits! A healthy diet is all about balance and most things are good in moderation!

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