Health is Wealth: 5 small changes that make a difference

Taking care of yourself is at the root of our wellbeing. Now more than ever, we have all become more conscious about our health and the importance of maintaining a healthy mind and body. If you struggle for time or means to better your health, here are 5 small changes to implement into your daily life that will truly help.

Have water by your side

You hear it over and over again. Drinking water is essential to good health. Whilst it may be difficult to keep track of how much water to drink every day, making sure you have water at your disposal at all times ensures you are staying hydrated throughout the day. Fill a water bottle and make sure it never leaves your side. Refill it as needed, at least twice during the day.

Stretch daily

A lot of us have been working from home since the start of the pandemic and have not been moving around as much. The considerably reduced muscle activity can cause pain and constant discomfort, and in the worst cases, can cause serious damage. If you don’t have time or are not able to exercise, starting the day with some stretches will do your muscles a world of good.


In the daily rush and stress to get things done, cooking may become a burden. Getting takeaway is always a pleasure and it feels good to treat yourself. However, it can become a trap, and meal-prepping can help to avoid falling into the takeaway spiral. It also helps ensure you are eating balanced and nutritious meals, with all the necessary foods to keep your body going each day.

Mind your posture

Another issue made worse with working from home is bad posture. Not many people can enjoy having a home-office with a suitable chair to work in. Working from the couch, bed, or even kitchen stools is something a lot of people can relate to. Because these are not exactly the most appropriate seating, they can cause bad posture and back pains, not only when working but when sitting in general. Making sure you are sitting as straight as possible, with back support when possible, will help correct your posture and may ease the pressure put on your neck, shoulders and back.

Regulate your sleep

You don’t have to plan your nights like clockwork. Going to bed and waking up at the exact same time is hardly achievable, as days are never the same and unexpected things come up. However, setting your sleeping goals and allowing a specific timeframe for sleep helps you regulate your sleeping pattern. Getting enough sleep each night is necessary for your body to function properly and a messy sleeping schedule can truly disrupt your body’s regeneration process. You can start by saying you will go to sleep before X time on weekdays and X time on the weekends, and not wake up later than X time. Set your alarms accordingly and try to reduce “overtime” as much as possible.

Working towards healthier habits takes dedication but it always pays off. Starting small and gradually making changes is a great way to improve your health without drastically and suddenly changing your way of living!

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