Easter Treats: Homemade Chocolate Truffles

Easter Weekend is here which means chocolate, chocolate, and even more chocolate! Ditch the store-bought chocolate and give your sweet tooth a homemade treat! Make your own little balls of goodness with our Chocolate Truffles recipe! To share or enjoy them all yourself, these truffles are bite-sized perfection.


-225g dark chocolate (60% cocoa or higher)

-1/2 cup double cream

-1 teaspoon vanilla extract

-Cocoa powder (for dusting)


-Chop dark chocolate into fine chunks and place in a large bowl

-On low heat, heat the cream with the vanilla extract until steaming (approx. 2-3min)

-Pour the cream over the chocolate into the large bowl, and stir until ganache is smoothly mixed and a glossy texture

-Cool down at room temperature before refrigerating for at least 6 hours

-Add cocoa powder to a small bowl for dusting

-When ready, scoop out a truffle-sized amount of the ganache and roll into a ball in the palm of your hands

-Roll the truffle around into the cocoa powder until evenly coated

-Repeat with the rest of the ganache

Create a classic chocolate truffle with the cocoa powder or try it with chopped hazelnuts! For an extra touch of chocolate, you can also use white chocolate shavings as a topping, or rainbow sprinkles for the kids!

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