Can a Coffee a Day Keep the Dr Away?

Coffee bean

Maybe a coffee a day will actually keep the Dr away. There are few things in the world that people tend to agree upon. However, when it comes to coffee that is one subject that people can tend to find something in common. Whether this is your love for the flat white or a strong dislike for the drink; the simple bean is the catalyst for many conversations. 

Now we all know that there are some common beliefs about coffee such as it is the ‘go to drink for people who need that little bit of energy. A common drink among students and professionals. But what is so special about the coffee bean? Apart from the delicious taste and the boundless ways you can consume it, what else makes drives our love? 

We all know that coffee contains caffeine which is supposed to give us energy. However, coffee could potentially be that magic bean we have all been looking for. It has been a keen area of interest within the medical field and has proven to be a significant player when helping to protect our bodies from illness and disease.  

The Coffee Bean Under the Microscope

Coffee is made up of 3 essential components: caffeine, antioxidants and diterpenes. Each of these plays a part in the taste that we all love but also has its benefits that can help keep us in top tip shape! 

The coffee bean has been put under the microscope and we have some results to share with you. First up is a fact for the women, as it has been reported that drinking at least 1 cup of coffee a day can help reduce the likelihood of having a stroke (a flat white for the win). The antioxidants within the coffee bean have powers of their own and have been linked to improved gut health including a reduced risk of gallstones, and protection against liver conditions including some cancers.  

Now the list goes on and on and there are still many trials happening but maybe it is true then. Magic beans do exist. 

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