Keep Calm and Cook: Cajun Salmon Tagliatelle

After three previous Keep Calm and Cook blogs, it is finally time for a pasta recipe.

In this fourth blog, we are excited to introduce a pasta recipe that is a bit out of the ordinary. This Cajun Salmon Tagliatelle recipe is for all pasta lovers looking to spice up their meals, quite literally.

As always, we like to keep our Keep Calm and Cook recipes easy, so anyone can have a go at preparing a hassle-free, delicious dish.

Ingredients: (For 4 servings)

-Fresh tagliatelle (250g)

– 4 salmon filets (preferably skinless)

-300ml double cream

-Olive oil

-Cajun spice

-Onion powder

-Garlic powder

-Salt & pepper


-Heat up a pan on medium heat

-While the pan heats, season your salmon filets with salt and pepper

-Add 1 ½ tablespoons of olive oil onto the pan and make sure the oil is spread out evenly

-Add your salmon filets

-While you salmon filets are cooking, start boiling water for the pasta and make sure to salt your pasta water

-If you are using skinless salmon filets, start breaking them up into small salmon chunks. If you are using filets with skin, remove the skin once they are cooked, before returning them to the pan to break them up into chunks.

-Reduce heat to low, and add onion and garlic powder to the chunks

-If your water has boiled, start cooking your pasta (Fresh pasta cooks faster than normal pasta, usually in 3-5min so make sure to watch it carefully)

-Add Cajun spice to your salmon chunks, cook for 1min while stirring to spread the spices evenly

-Add the double cream, and if needed add more salt and pepper

-Your dish should now be ready to serve! Special tip: add your drained pasta directly to the saucepan and mix well. The pasta will soak up the sauce nicely, making it as creamy as it can be.

Cajun spices are well-known to be used with chicken or prawns. However, it goes perfectly with salmon and gives it a bit more character, which the cream compliments perfectly. As one of the most popular dishes ever, pasta is a fun way to explore different flavours while keeping it somewhat safe with the main ingredient being reliable as it is appreciated by many.

We hope you’ll love this recipe as much as we do! For more fresh and delicious recipes, check out our other Keep Calm and Cook blogs.  

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