The Benefits of Eating Seasonal Produce

At Inspire Catering, we pride ourselves on working with local, ethical and responsible suppliers to provide a fresh food service at a fair rate for all. One of the key things we always look for in suppliers is their ability to offer fresh, seasonal produce which we can incorporate into dishes at all our Inspire sites.

There are some great foods on our doorstep, ripe and ready to eat at various points throughout the year. We believe there are great benefits of eating foods when they are in season and believe this is the point our customers should experience them.



When food is at its most ripe, it tends to offer a higher quality of flavour. This makes sense, as we are working with nature, using the foods as they are naturally ready, rather than genetically modified or artificially altered. Ripe foods tend to contain more nutrients than those grown and picked out of season, so there are additional wellbeing benefits on top of great flavours. This means that seasonal foods work at their best in our dishes, bringing together a mixture of different ripe and juicy foods to create a magnificent taste combination.



By offering you dishes made from products which are in season, we are able to alter our menus seasonally. Rather than provide the same offering all year round, we provide hearty, wholesome winter meals and light summer specials, accordingly, working with juicy fruits and ripe vegetables to ensure your palette is varied, colourful and happy. Using this methodology alongside our Healthy Living Award, we provide wholly nutritious meals which vary throughout the seasons.



One of the main Inspire Catering values is provenance and with such a varied larder on our doorstep, we don’t feel the need to travel too far, too often. By sourcing locally, we help the local economy and livelihoods of the farmers and artisan producers we buy from. In keeping things local, where possible, we’re reducing food mileage and therefore our carbon footprint when it comes to bringing food from source to plate.

By keeping with the seasons and sourcing ripe and ready foods from local suppliers, we can provide only the best quality service to our clients and our customers!


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