A message from Inspire for the year ahead

After everything that has unfolded in the hospitality industry in 2020, it is safe to say most of us have high hopes to find our feet again in 2021. The hospitality and catering industry has taken one of the biggest hits and with the uncertainty of a physical reopening of schools and offices, like us, many catering companies have been fighting hard to keep morale up whilst business is put on hold.

Even though the situation of the pandemic is evolving and remains uncertain until successful vaccinations are done, the new year ahead gives us a fresh set of opportunities and chances to make this year one full of accomplishments and community spirit. On both personal and professional levels, many of us have encountered disruptions to our normal lives and, although the pandemic is still very much ongoing, it is important to keep a positive outlook on the future and look forward to what this year has to offer. We are hopeful for the future of Inspire and for a return to doing what we love and what we do best: providing great food with a smile.

A word from our Managing Director, Kevin Simpson:

“January is traditionally a low month for everyone following the festive period, but this January is undoubtedly tougher than normal as a result of the ongoing pandemic. However, at Inspire Catering we are keen to remain positive and look to the brighter future. I would like to thank all of our clients, customers and teams through the most difficult of years last year and for all of the support given.

I am excited about returning to normality in 2021 and to providing fantastic hospitality experiences again with a focus on food and customer service. Together we can do this!”

With our kindest regards from the Inspire team, here’s to the New Year ahead!

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