2022 Christmas Dinner Table Trends

If you’re hosting or attending a Christmas day dinner this year, you’ll without a doubt be planning or speculating about what will be placed on the table when the big day comes.

Over the years we’ve seen traditions evolve and be adapted to suit the likes and interest of people in 2022. Supermarkets tend to be spot on with their trend predictions with interesting takes on the classics hitting the shelf every year.

We have put together a few trends we think could be the talking point of your Christmas table this year.

Mince Pies

Mince pies are a staple of any classic Christmas spread so why have they made this list? Well, more and more we’re seeing supermarkets edging away from the traditional mince pie filling to suit the evolving tastes of the nation. This year we’re seeing other festive flavours with blends of other Christmas traditions such as chocolate orange mince pies or spiced rum. As well as flavours that are taking advantage of what’s been popular throughout the year such as Salted Caramel.

Vegan & Vegetarian options

Sainsbury’s reports sale of their vegan cheese products surpassed their predictions by 300% which shows the rise in popularity for plant based produce. Younger generations are turning more and more to plant-based diets and so the traditional meat filled Christmas dinner has evolved. As a result, options for vegans and vegetarians have expanded extensively and this doesn’t exclude foods in festive ranges.

Most people catering for vegans will gravitate towards a nut roast but if you’re looking to stay on trend this year anything with pastry has been particularly popular. Vegan puff pastry is widely available for the perfect vegan wellington or pie.

Turkey Alternatives

The die-hard traditionalists wouldn’t dream of having anything but turkey as the main feature of their Christmas dinner but there are plenty of those who want to shake things up a bit with alternatives to keep things fresh and interesting. Some popular alternatives include ham, lamb, or pork loin. Millions of pounds worth of ham is consumed at Christmas with it rating nearly as popular as turkey, it’s easier to prepare with a glaze and is crowd pleaser. The little bit trickier, lamb, is a rewarding feat if you get it right. The key to the perfect lamb centrepiece is to cook it low and slow for maximum flavour and tenderness. Serving lamb ushers is the opportunity to pair it with some unique sides too with more tangy flavours pairing better with lamb.

Christmas Pudding Vs Caramel

Dessert is often the favourite course of Christmas Day and provides the perfect opportunity to mix things up. The popularity of the Christmas pudding has been slowly declining in recent years with only 28% of people saying it was their favourite Christmas dessert option. More increasingly we see extensive variety of puddings in the supermarkets with one clear favourite. Whether it’s pies, puds, cakes, biscuits, or pastries, salted caramel flavourings feature in everyone.

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to do Christmas dinner whether it’s choosing the traditional bird with all the trimmings or creating your own traditions. Christmas is about enjoying time with loved ones so you can’t go wrong.

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From everyone at Inspire Catering, have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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